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Between painting and the body
Espaço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil, 2019 (solo)

The central intention in this exhibition was to organize two "twin" rooms, in which the arrangements of the works were similar. Thus, the first space had the character of an anteroom where there were objects and operations that represented schemes of the works of the main space.

The arrangements of the lighting points in the two spaces, positioned sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly on the works. In the first room, for example, the point of light was placed on the ceiling, on the hollow iron structure (fig. 13), thus projecting the shadow of the structure directly on the floor of the space, making the painting that simulates a shadow made on the wall a trick that deceives the perception of the observer.

Part of the lighting of the two spaces was turned off or replaced by lamps of dimmer luminosity, making the space dark - immersed in shadows. With this, the perception of this place and the works becomes more blurred: the contours and boundaries of the two rooms, the paintings, the two iron structures and the two chassis with felt become inaccurate at the look, as if the space and the works were on the verge of diluting their limits on each other.

This half-light produces a scenic sense on display, in which the beams of light have the function of highlighting certain actions within the exhibition space, guiding the observer inside the exhibition. It is as if the light-dark relations contained in some of the paintings extrapolated to space.

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