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66th Paranaense Hall
Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, Brazil, 2017

Procedures that are softened memory of other procedures. Fabrics that almost cover a wooden frame are then an almost canvas. In assimilating incompleteness, contrary to the anxiety of the shape that one wants to close, complete, we find the freedom of open speech. The pauses and the silences, the individual potencies suggested by the shapes that adjust without indication of a definitive finality. The shapes present themselves as poetic instances to reconstruct senses and thus create new possibilities of experiences. A fabric wears a wooden frame, so that it receives a layer of color, a step by step that increases the density of the object, its speech, formed between the non-said and the friction, lives between the lines. Are wide the pauses and the silences that the work of the artist Renato Castanhari proposes to us.
By Danillo Villa

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